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Temperament and Customized Parenting

Each person is unique.  The family provides a training ground to learn how to interact with others with respect and love—in spite of differences.  You can teach your child how to have healthy relationships and grow to be a fully functioning adult.

The Temperament Profile gives you practical insights into understanding yourself and your relationships:

  • Understand why you do the things you do not want to do
  • Understand why you don't do the things you say you want to do
  • Gain perspective of what causes your inner conflicts and become a person at peace
  • Resolve your conflicts with others as you discover what makes you tick
  • Confidently become who God created you to be
“Recognizing different personality types is one of the most valuable people skills I ever learned.  We included “personalities” as part of our homeschooling curriculum, and our daughters amaze their friends with the insights that they have into relationships.  However, I found my personal personality tests to be lacking, because so many things didn’t fit.   The Arno Profile System provided the key that brought me to a greater understanding of myself:  my temperament is different in each area of inclusion, control, and affection.  I have applied this new perspective, and have increased my productivity and communication with others.”  --Millie McNabb


Christian Values Legacy uses the Arno Profile System™ which measures an individual’s inborn, God-given temperament rather than behavior.  The APS identifies three separate human interactions:

What is the difference between Personality and Temperament?


Your temperament is your God-given design which you have at birth.

Your character training is the man-added influences in your life.

Your personality is how you decide, based on your temperament and training, to deal with life in order to survive.


The Arno Profile measures temperament, which reveals your design without the survival behaviors added on.  For example, if God designed you to be a reader-researcher, and you grew up in a family of entertainers, your responses on a “personality” test would tend toward the entertainer side, whereas the “temperament” test would uncover your reader nature.


What does the Temperament Profile entail?


You will receive the Temperament Profile by mail or e-mail, whichever you specify. You complete a questionnaire called an A.P.S. Response Form which includes 54 questions and takes about eight minutes to complete.  You return the completed form to Christian Values Legacy, where your responses will be processed.  You will receive a five to eight page A.P.S. report.


How accurate is the Temperament Profile?


The Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) used in this temperament analysis has been developed and tested by Dr.’s Richard and Phyllis Arno since 1983.  The original research was for seven years, involved over 5,000 tests, and produced an accuracy rate of approximately 93% in identifying an individual’s correct temperament.


Who can take the Temperament Profile?


There are three versions of the APS Response Form:

Christian Values Legacy offers Individual and Family rates for the Temperament Profile.  Click the link below to order profiles for your family.



How can I get more information about the Arno Profile System?

Christian Values Legacy recommends the “Created in God’s Image” course, which is available as a distance-learning course.  This is course is ideal for homeschoolers.  CEU credits are also available.



Millie McNabb is a Certified Member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling.  She is certified to administer the Arno Profile System which identifies an individual's "inborn" temperament rather than their behavior.  She is also an International Representative/Instructor and teaches the “Creation Therapy” and “Created in God’s Image” courses. 


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With respect to accuracy of the Arno Profile System, no significant variations were found as a result of race or cultural differences.  No significant variations were found as a result of temporary mood swings.  Profiles for persons tested who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, however, have been proven to be invalid.