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The Temperament Profile

Have you ever wondered how two children with the same parents and similar circumstances can end up being so different?

Have you ever wondered how you and your spouse could go through an experience together, and yet have such diverse thoughts about what happened?

Or how about yourself—have you come to a point in your life, where you have an unexplained restlessness or sadness?

Answers to these questions often lay in your God-given design—your temperament. The way we interact in life is a combination of who we are and what happens to us. The Temperament Profile is a key not only to understanding who you are, but also a tool for building better relationships.



Parents, Teachers, Families, Homeschoolers...

The Temperament Profile identifies your unique design, so that you better understand yourself, your motivations and the whys and hows of your interactions with others. For more information visit our Temperament Profile page.


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The Barna Group

The Barna Group is the nation’s leading marketing research firm focused on the intersection of faith and culture.  Their findings from recent surveys showed children to be Biblically illiterate, youth to have no intention of continuing to attend a church when they are living on their own, and fewer than one in five parents who believe they are doing a good job of training their children morally and spiritually.


Motivated by their findings, The Barna Group initiated a study of children who grew up to be spiritual champions and the parents who raised them that way.  The findings of that study are published in George Barna's most recent book, Revolutionary Parenting.   Research findings are available at


The Parent's Toolshop

 The goal of The Parent's Toolshop is to empower parents to think for themselves by teaching them a unique, reliable problem-solving method that helps them find individualized solutions to their parenting challenges.  These skills are based on sound parenting theories that have been known to parent educators for decades and include the most practical and effective parenting tools every parent needs to know and use. Parents also learn how to apply these steps and skills to any relationship — including non-parenting adult relationships. Parents get practical solutions they can use every time, every day — with lasting results!  Explore this wealth of researched and time-tested parenting information at




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