Christian Values Legacy Intentionally raising children to become Christian adults
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What We Stand For

It is important to share with you the foundation of our work at Christian Values Legacy. Our name represents three important Biblical principles that we hold as true and focus on expressing in all that we do. These three principles and their supporting Bible references are:

1. We believe God wants us to raise our children to become Christian adults. This is the Legacy we impart to the next generation.

We believe this because...

2. We believe a Christian is reconciled to God by faith alone in Christ alone. Accepting Christ as Savior is the defining belief for a Christian.

We believe this because...

3. We believe Christians, in response to the love shown them by God, seek to live righteous lives and share God's love with others. Living by these Christian Values is evidence of Jesus as Lord.

We believe this because...

These are the foundational principles upon which our work is based. If you also embrace these principles, we invite you to explore the strategies and support that Christian Values Legacy offers to those who have committed to intentionally raise their children to become Christian adults.

Our logo also reflects these principles. The torch and hands represent the passing on of our values. The flames represent Christians with the stylized Christian fish symbol. The red represents Christ's sacrifice for us, and is intertwined with the blue of our faith and commitment to Him.