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Millie McNabb founded Christian Values Legacy in order to help parents intentionally raise their children to become Christian adults.  There was not a single event, but rather an accumulation of learning, changing, and teaching through which God showed her the need to equip parents.  Millie shares valuable lessons and family stories with her audiences.


Millie grew up on a family farm and received the benefits of working together.  She and her husband made life choices to raise their girls close to grandparents. Grandma kept a family garden and a few animals, so there was always work to be done.  Grandma maintained that if you want children to learn, you need to work with them.  Millie challenges her listeners to parent with integrity.


There were seemingly small incidents that proved to be pivotal.  When Millie’s oldest daughter was in thMillie in white jackete second grade, she asked herWhat is the most important thing in life?”  Millie answered, “To give glory to God.”  Her daughter  replied, “Well, if it’s so important, why don’t they ever say anything about it at school?”  That was the first impact on her thinking that eventually led her to homeschool all four of their daughters.  Millie wasn’t prepared to homeschool, but she became prepared, and successfully homeschooled.  Millie helps other parents be prepared. mother, “


There were life-wrenching events that motivated Millie to help other parents pass on their Christian values.  Millie’s brother-in-law died from AIDS.  Millie’s brother committed suicide.   One of Millie's daughters made unwise choices and now deals with life as a single mother.  Millie and her husband were both raised in Christian homes.  They drew on Biblical truths to work through those situations.  Millie shares lessons based in Biblical truths.


A 2006 Barna Research study of twenty-somethings reported that 61% of today’s young adults had been churched at one point during their teen years, but they are now spiritually disengaged (i.e., not actively attending church, reading the Bible, or praying).    This surprised Millie and she asked the question, “Lord, how can I use these life lessons You’ve taught me to help others?”  Her query led to the founding of Christian Values Legacy.


Millie recognized that Christian parenting cannot be casual.  It takes a commitment beyond a child praying to accept Christ and being a member of the church youth group. It takes a commitment to personal integrity of heart; it takes a commitment to prayer; it takes a commitment to skillfully lead your children—in thought, word and deed.  Christian Values Legacy helps you develop an intentional plan for raising your children to become Christian adults.


Millie has taught Bible studies for over twenty-five years ago.  She was a member of the American Baptist Leader of Leaders Team, presenting seminars for churches throughout the Northwest.  She wrote study materials for Judson Press.  Her primary interest has been discipleship training, with an emphasis on raising Christian children.


God has given each of us freewill: our children will choose whether or not to live by Christian standards as they enter adulthood.  Your greatest opportunity to influence your children is from birth to age twelve.  It is Millie’s hope that your experience with Christian Values Legacy, will help you raise the children God has entrusted to you, so that at the end of your parenting season, your children will have accepted Christian values as their own, and go on to become Christian adults.


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"Christian life was significant in Millie's upbringing. She remembers her father reading his Bible early each morning, and her parents praying together before they started their day. Her mother used life experiences as teaching moments." more of Millie's story.