Christian Values Legacy Intentionally raising children to become Christian adults
Transform your Christian parenting experience by understanding yourself and your children. Order your Temperament Profile today.

Is your greatest desire to have your children become gracious, mature, productive Christian adults? 

Are you concerned that your children will miss, dismiss or reject your Christian values as they make their way into the world? 

Christian Values Legacy has the answers, the programs, and the ability to help you.

Christian parenting cannot be casual:  Christian parenting is intentional parenting, from the time your children are born.  Christian Values Legacy training can help you define the goals of your parenting, provide parenting tips for everyday experiences such as TV and schoolwork, and help you model a Christian marriage as you raise your children.

Christian Values Legacy training gives you the basics of parenting according to the temperament of your child.  Treating your children equally, but not the same, is customized parenting that deepens your relationship with your children.  The deeper your relationship with your child, the more you impact your child.  The greater your impact, the more likely your child will accept your values.

Christian parenting is not just for the here and now.  Yes, Christian Values Legacy wants you to have pleasant, successful children today and provides plenty of parenting tips for developing the maturity of your children; but more importantly, Christian Values Legacy provides you with the groundwork to intentionally influence your children to become Christian adults.

Christian homeschool and Christian parenting went hand-in-hand as Millie McNabb and her husband raised their four daughters.  The motto of their homeschool was “…becoming gracious, mature, productive Christian women.”  She now brings that experience and wisdom to other parents through Christian Values Legacy.

Christian Values Legacy offers strategies and support for parents who are intentionally raising children to become Christian adults. 

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